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Cylinder Lock & Hasp
So much easier than a padlock!

This ingenious lock is so much easier to use than a padlock. Turn to lock, only use the key to unlock. In many ways more secure than a traditional padlock, it’s perfect for sheds, doors, patio doors, french windows, tool boxes and vehicle doors.


Key Attributes
• High quality chrome plated finish
• Safety built-in lock mechanism
• Automatically locks by turning the cylinder
• Unlocks with key only
• Easy to install
• All fixings protected when fitted and locked
• No additional padlock needed
• 1 year warranty


How It Protects
• Turn to lock
• Key to unlock

Turn to lock

What It Protects
• Homes & Offices
• Caravans
• Garages

Homes & Offices     Caravans         Garages

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